How to display filename extensions in Windows to identify the specific file types

How to display filename extensions in Windows to identify the specific file types

To ensure filename extensions are visible in Windows, please adhere to the following instructions:

For Windows 8 and 10:
  1. Open File Explorer by accessing any folder.
  2. Navigate to the View tab.
  3. Check the box labeled "File name extensions".
  4. Optionally, enable Hidden items if desired.
  5. The filename extensions will now be displayed.

Note: For Windows 10 users, you can also access these settings by searching the Start menu for "file explorer options".

For Windows 7:
  1. In the Start menu search, type "folder options" and select it.
  2. Open the Folder Options window.
  3. Proceed to the View tab.
  4. Uncheck the box next to "Hide extensions for known file types".
  5. Confirm the changes by clicking OK.

I trust this guidance proves helpful!

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