Form 16A / 27D Request error

TDS || Form 16A / 27D Request error

Form 16A / 27D Request Error : "This statement has a challan(s) with more valid PAN deductee rows than those entered by you. Please enter details of such challan and corresponding deductee rows".



Possible Resolution:
  1. Ensure accurate entry of challan details (BSR Code, Date of Deposit, Challan Serial Number, and Challan Amount) as per the relevant statement.
  2. Enter a maximum of 3 distinct valid PANs along with their corresponding amounts.
  3. If there are fewer than three such combinations in the challan, ensure all available combinations are entered, even if it's just one or two.
  4. If the return is filed through TDS software, the necessary details for the 27D form request will be automatically fetched on the Traces site. However, if the return filed data is not available in the TDS software, fill in all the necessary details on the provided page.
Note: While this information is accurate based on our checks, further verification may be required.

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