Process for Form 16 File download

TDS || Process for Form 16 File download

Form 16 is a crucial document issued in accordance with Section 203 of the Income-Tax Act 1961, provided by employers to salaried professionals in India. This certificate serves as confirmation that Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) has been appropriately deducted and remitted to government authorities on behalf of the employee. It offers a comprehensive overview of the employee's salary and the associated TDS deductions.

Form 16 Components:
  1. Form 16 Part A:
    1. Part A summarizes the tax collected by the employer from the employee's salary, subsequently deposited into the government's account.
    2. It includes a certification, signed by the employer, verifying the deduction and remittance of TDS to the income tax department.
    3. If an employee changes jobs within a financial year, each employer issues a separate Part A for the corresponding employment period.
    4. Components of Part A include:
      1. Name and address of the employer
      2. TAN and PAN of the employer
      3. PAN of the employee
      4. Quarterly summary of tax deducted and deposited, certified by the employer.
  2. Form 16 Part B:
    1. Part B provides a consolidated statement detailing the salary paid, additional disclosed income, tax paid, and any tax due.
    2. It organizes information systematically, presenting the employee's income, applicable exemptions, and deductions in the prescribed format.
    3. Employee details, including name and PAN, are reiterated in Part B.
    4. Breakdown of Part B includes:
      1. Detailed salary breakup
      2. Exempted allowances under Section 10
      3. Deductions allowed under the Income Tax Act (Chapter VIA):
        1. Life insurance premium, PPF contributions (Section 80C)
        2. Pension fund contributions (Section 80CCC)
        3. Employee’s contribution to pension scheme (Section 80CCD(1))
        4. Taxpayer’s self-contribution to notified pension scheme (Section 80CCD(1B))
        5. Employer’s contribution to pension scheme (Section 80CCD(2))
        6. Health insurance premium (Section 80D)
        7. Interest on education loan (Section 80E)
        8. Donations made (Section 80G)
        9. Interest income on savings account (Section 80TTA)

Form 16 File Request Process:

Follow these steps to request Form 16 files:

Open e-TDS Software:
Launch the e-TDS software and go to "Master "Submitted Return" in the menu bar.
Enter the Date, 15-digit provisional receipt number (PRN).

Navigate to Traces Activity:
Go to "Online Activity" → "Traces Activity" in the menu bar.
Initiate Form 16 File Request:
Click on "Form 16 File Request" and then click OK.
Note: First, select the Assessment Year and Quarter for the request by navigating to "Master" → "Change Assessment Year and Quarter."

Select ALL PAN's and Login to Traces:
Choose "Proceed with Default challan selection" and enter your Username and Password to log in to the Traces website.
Enter the login credentials used for TRACES website access.

Verification and Login on Traces Website:
The software will automatically direct you to the TRACES website.
Enter the verification code and click on Login.
If the return is filed through the software, the necessary details for the Form 16 file request will be auto-filled on the TRACES site. Otherwise, manually fill in the required details on the page.
Request Number Generation:
A Request Number will be generated upon completion.
Check Request Status:
After processing, the request details will appear in the TDS software under the Form 16 File Download menu.
The online status will display as "Submitted."

Once submitted, the downloadable files will be available on the portal within 24-48 hours.
Only after this timeframe can the forms for Part A and Part B be downloaded and converted.

This process ensures a systematic and secure way to request and download Form 16 files, promoting efficiency and compliance.

Form 16 file Download

Access Form 16 File Download:
Navigate to "Online Activity" → "Traces Activity" and choose the "Form 16 file download" option from the menu bar.

Verify Details and Confirm:
Check and confirm the Form Type, Assessment Year, and Quarter details. Click "OK" to proceed.
Note: Before this step, ensure you've selected the correct Assessment Year and Quarter by going to "Master" → "Change Assessment Year and Quarter"

Select Signature Method:
Choose whether you want to generate the file using Digital Signature (Token) or Manual Signature.
If using a Token, select "Digital Signature (Token)"
If opting for Manual Signature, select "Manual Signature"
Note: The Digital Signature (DSC) option is not currently applicable for PFX files.

Initiate File Generation:
Select any radio button and then click on the "Next" button.

Retrieve User ID and Password:
Your USER ID and Password will be displayed. Click on the "Next" button to proceed.

Access Traces Website:
After the page opens, click on "Get All Latest Requests & Update Status" this will auto-redirect to the Traces website.
Verification and Login:
Enter the verification code, log in, and review the details on the portal. It will show the Form 16 file request for the chosen assessment year and quarter.
Click on "Yes" Button.

Update Details and Download:
In the "Online Status" section, find "Update Details" and double-click on it. This will redirect you to the Department Portal.
Once redirected, the status will change to "Click Here to Download"
Click on the "Generate PDFs..", and you'll be able to download the appropriate files.

Locate Downloaded File:
The "Open Location" indicates where the file is saved on your device.

I hope this provides a clearer and more structured guide for downloading the Form 16 file.

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