Issue DSC Signed certificates Form 16

How to Issue TDS -TCS certificates i.e. Form 16/16A /27D in Express TDS?

How to Issue TDS -TCS certificates i.e. Form 16/16A /27D in Express TDS?

Step 1:

Go to the Deductor Dashboard and click on View & Issue TDS/TCS Certificate

Step: 2

Select the Financial year, Form Type and Quarter for which TDS/TCS certificates are to be issued and then click on Raise new request.

Step: 3

Fill the Relevant details for placing the request and click on Proceed, alternatively the TXT file of the relevant quarter can also be imported to autofill these details


Once the request is raised successfully, Kindly wait for the ZIP file to be available from TRACES. You can check the status of your request by clicking on the option as shown.

Step 5: 

Once the Zip file is available you can click on “Generate Unsigned PDF” or “Generate DSC signed PDF” using the token.

You can see the icons on the right signify the process

Step :6
Once the PDF generation process is complete, you can Download or email the PDF’s generated.

From the download option a single ZIP file containing all the PDFS will get downloaded to your system.

From the Email PDF option, you can Send the PDF copy of TDS/TCS certificate directly on deductee email.

You can update the email addresses of deductee in Bulk by using Excel export option.

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