exbace validation error "Tangible Assets Should be greater then or equal to zero"

exbace validation error "Tangible Assets Should be greater then or equal to zero"

exbace validation error  "Tangible Assets Should be greater then or equal to zero" 


The solution to this error is that the value of your "Gross carrying amount" should not be less than "Accumulated depreciation and impairment",  If this happens, then the value of the tangible assets goes into negative, And this MCA validation toll does not allow. 

Open the exbace Software, Go to Transaction  Notes of Balance Sheet  Tangible assets given in menu bar

Check here Total Value of "Gross carrying amount" and "Accumulated depreciation and impairment" in Disclosure of tangible assets [Table] , Every time Accumulated depreciation amount should be less than or equal to the Gross carrying amount. 

Enter detail with the parent-child method; this is the most prevalent method of modeling for presentation, definition and calculation linkbases. In this modeling technique, individual elements are organized in a tree-like structure. This structure allows representation of information using parent-child relationships wherein each parent can have many children, but each child has only one parent.

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