eXBace Data back up and Data restore

eXBace || Data back up and Data restore

Whenever the user wants to format the system or change his system to other, there would be requirement to take proper data backup of the software so that the data is not lost.
eXBace SAAS:

Please note that you cannot take data backup of Exbace SAAS Application since it is a web-based application its backup is saved on Exbace Server.
eXBace On-Premises:

If the user is using eXBace Offline or On-Premises software then he needs to follow the process below before formatting the system. 
User can take back up in 2 ways:
  1. Through Software
  2. Manual process.

Backup through Software:

  1. Login to eXBace software
  2. Tools → Database Utility → Backup.

BackUp --> this would take the complete back up of exbace.

Client Backup --> this would take the backup of the company selected.

NOTE: - The backup will be downloaded to the location set for download.

Manual backup process:

Please take backup of Microsoft SQL Server folder, to do so follow the steps below: 

For this you need to first stop the KDK SQL Server service to do so go to 

Start Run type here Services.msc followed by enter. 

Select the service "SQL Server (KDKSQL8)" and stop it.

Take backup of Microsoft SQL Server folder it is present at the following location


“C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server” 


“C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server”.

Note:- The process to restore the data of eXBace will be decided upon the backup taken.

If the back is taken through the software, the restoration with be done through the software itself. If the backup taken is Manual, then pasting the exbace.mdf and exbace_log.ldf file to the specified location will restore the data manually.

“Microsoft SQL Server folder → MSSQL10_50.KDKSQL8\MSSQL\DATA”

It is recommended to take the back up using both the options mentioned above. 

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