eXBace- Standalone to Consolidate

eXBace- Standalone to Consolidate

A consolidated financial statement covers the activities of the parent company and its subsidiaries in a single report as if they were all a single company operating less than one roof.
Stand-alone financial statements, by contrast, treat each entity as if it were entirely separate -- the parent unrelated to the subsidiaries, and the subsidiaries unrelated to one another.

How to change taxonomy standalone to consolidated and merge data?

eXBace software helps the user to change the taxonomy Standalone data to Consolidate data. There might be a circumstance where the client has entered the in Standalone instead of Consolidate.

The process is as below:

First, select the taxonomy to Consolidate from Financial Year.

Then go to Tools → Merge Data.

Here the data would be merged into the company selected for the selected Financial Year. If the user has entered data in some other company, the option Merging / Source Companies can be used to select the source company from where the data is to be merged.

The option Overwrite existing data would replace the data with the existing.

User can select Form ID if he wants only some data to be merged. User can checkmark for the form ID’s accordingly and then click on Merge.


  1. This Merging Facility is only for consolidating data. It does not include any accounting adjustments.
  2. If the Destination & Source Company is same, then the value of Share Capital in Balance Sheet of Source Company will overwrite the existing data in value of Share Capital in Balance Sheet of Destination Company.
  3. Merging of data does not include merging of tables.

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