Evaluation period has expired while undertaking ITR e-filing

Evaluation period has expired while undertaking ITR e-filing

This message appears for one of the following reasons:

Reason 1 : Client Limitation Exceeds
Reason 2 : Software Registration or Renewal Pending.
Reason 3: Proper LAN Settings

Firstly, Check the client creation limit of the Spectrum software. 
To do so, open Spectrum, go to "Utility" → "Client Summary".

If the number of clients is below the limit, then please make sure that the software should be renewed for the current assessment year or register the software again.

Secondly, if the client limit is exceeding then the user is required to migrate the software to increase the client limit.
For product migration, the user may either contact KDK Support on the helpline number (0141-4123456 or 0141-3812345), email (sales@kdksoftware.com) or contact a local vendor from whom the product has been purchased. If the issue occurs on the LAN system and is working properly on the server system, then there is a requirement for re-configuring the LAN setting on that particular system.

For LAN setting, the user should follow the link given below:

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