Procedure for Mapping Deductee Entry → Salary and Non-Salary

TDS || Procedure for Mapping Deductee Entry → Salary and Non-Salary

To facilitate the quarterly e-filing of TDS returns, it is crucial to prepare both the Deductor Master and Deductee/Employee Master, tailoring them to the requirements of Form 24Q/26Q/27Q/27EQ based on the specific case.
When making payments against deductees or employees, it becomes necessary to align these transactions with the corresponding challans. In instances where deductee entries are not initially linked to the correct challan, a mapping procedure is required.

Detailed Procedure for Mapping Deductee/Employee Entries with Challans:

Step 1: Access the Deductee Transactions, and choose either Deductee Entry Mapping (Non-Salary) or Deductee Entry Mapping (Salary).


Step 2: A screen will display all Deductee entries (Non-Salary) that haven't been mapped to any challan.


Step 3: To initiate mapping, select the desired entry by checking the corresponding box. You can opt for multiple entries or select all entries for mapping against a single challan. Subsequently, click on the "Deposit" button.

Step 4: Fill in the required Challan details and click the "Save" button.
Step 5: If the challan already exists in the statement, use the "Existing Challan" button. Select the relevant Challan from the grid and press "OK."


Step 6: The Challan details from the selected grid entry will automatically populate the respective fields. Click on "Save."


Step 7: A confirmation message will be displayed by the software, indicating a successful adjustment: "Adjusted Successfully".


Note: For mapping Deductee Entry (Salary), the same procedure is to be followed.

This process ensures a systematic and comprehensive approach to mapping Deductee/Employee Entries with Challans, contributing to accurate and efficient TDS return filing.
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