Deductee entry error - Data of payment should with in financial year

Deductee entry error - Data of payment should with in financial year

Deductee entry error - Data of payment should with in financial year


This is an information message ,  it is informing you that "date of payment" and "date of payment credit" should be with in financial year.

Example :

You can see in below Illustration , here assessment year selected a/y 2013-14 (f.y. 2012-2013) and  1st quarter (Apr to Jun)  . but ,"date of payment" and "date of payment credit" is not  with in financial year . 

Here "date of payment" and "date of payment credit" should be between April 2012  to June 2012 . 

If you still want to remove date validation, then you have to follow the steps given below.

Go into tools > option setting 

Here uncheck validation applicable box of "Date of deposit ",  "date of payment " and "Date of Deduction". 

Hope this helps 

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