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Income Tax || Dashboard Feature

The introduction of the new dashboard feature in the Income Tax Auditor Software provides a convenient and efficient way for clients to manage their filed, e-verified, and reviewed Income Tax Returns (ITRs).

There are two forms of the dashboard available: the Income Tax Auditor Dashboard and the Assessee Dashboard.

Income Tax Auditor Dashboard:

Overview: This section provides a brief summary of the status of various assessee details, including whether they have been started, submitted, verified, etc.
Additionally, notifications such as birthday reminders and statutory dates are accessible on this panel.

Automatic Updates: The dashboard is designed to automatically update based on the information available in the Return Filing Status.
Users can navigate to Transactions → Return Filing Status to see the Processing Status and Detailed Status, which are reflected on the dashboard.

Assessee Details: Users can view important details such as Mobile Number and Email ID without accessing the Client Master. By selecting a particular assessee on the dashboard, the details can be viewed in the bottom right panel.

Task Management: Task Status and Detailed Status can be manually updated through the task manager.
Users can go to Master → Task Manager, where a Drop Down combo is available for both statuses. Alternatively, users can manually enter the status according to their preferences.

Assessee Dashboard:

Master Details: This section provides a brief description of the selected assessee, including PAN, Land Line number, Mobile Number, Email ID, and Status.

Quick Comparison: Users can access a quick comparison of the current year and the previous year's income heads entered, along with the associated tax calculation.

Overview: This section offers an overview of the selected assessee's status for previous years, providing historical context.

To-Do List: A To-Do List feature allows users to mark tasks as completed for the selected assessee, aiding in task management.

Overall, these dashboards streamline the process for both Income Tax Auditors and clients, offering a comprehensive view of the filing status, task management, and essential details for effective income tax management.

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