GST 2A/2B Reconciliation Mails

How to change or update the the Email address to send the details like 2A/2B reconciliation report.

How to change or update the the Email address to sent the details like reconciliation. 

1. Email Settings   

By default, email is sent to Email Id mentioned in the authorized signatory section in Client master Information, if the Contact person Section is not filled.

2. Contact Person Section 

If the person mentioned in Authorized Signatory does not check the emails frequently, then the user of the application can add the email address to notify the relevant person as shown below.

3.  Add multiple emails in contact person section

User can add more than one email in this section and email will be sent to all the contact persons email added.

Note: It is recommended to add details in contact person section so as to not miss the emails in case Authorized person is busy with other business activities.

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