Consultant Information / CA Firm Information

Income Tax || Consultant Information / CA Firm Information

To input Consultant Information or CA Firm Information, access the "Master" menu and select "Consultant Information" (or use Shift + F1).


Click on "Add New" to create a new Consultant or CA Firm profile.


Provide the following relevant details for the CA Firm Information:
  1. Registration Number (Reg No.)
  2. PAN Number of Firm
  3. Firm Name
Note: To designate this Consultant as Default, tick the checkbox above.


Next, enter the details for the Member(s):
  1. Membership Number (Mem No.)
  2. PAN Number of Member
  3. Member Name
  4. Enrollment Date
  5. Date of Birth (DOB)
  6. Designation
  7. Address
  8. Email
  9. Signatory
  10. Aadhaar Number
Complete the Primary Place Address with the following information:
  1. House Number / House Name
  2. Street
  3. Area
  4. PIN Code
  5. Locality
  6. City
  7. Post Office
  8. State
  9. Phone
  10. Mobile
  11. Email
  12. Country
Please fill in all the required details before clicking the 'Save' button.
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