TDS || Process for Consolidate file download

TDS || Process for Consolidate file download

The Conso file serves as a comprehensive compilation of data derived from processed statements, encompassing both regular and correction statements, pertaining to the relevant financial year, quarter, and form type. In the event of any modifications to the quarterly TDS/TCS statement, it is imperative to submit a correction statement. This correction statement must be meticulously prepared using the most recent statement details.
The Consolidated TDS/TCS statement encapsulates the latest information, incorporating updates made through correction statements. This ensures a cohesive representation of the most up-to-date financial data for the specified period and form type.

To facilitate the process of requesting and downloading the Consolidated TDS file, users can adhere to the following steps:

Request for Consolidated File:

Open the e-TDS software and navigate to "Master "Submitted Return" in the menu bar.

Input the Date and 15-digit provisional receipt number (PRN).

Proceed to "Online Activity" → "Traces Activity"

Click on "Request Consolidated TDS/TCS Statement" and provide the necessary details for Form Type, Assessment Year (accessible under "Master" > "Change Assessment Year"), and Quarter. Confirm by clicking OK.

Choose "Proceed with Default challan selection" and enter your Username and Password to log in to the Traces website.

Enter your username and password to log in to the Traces website.

Upon automatic redirection to the Traces website, enter the verification code and complete the login process.

If the return was filed through TDS software, the required details for the Conso file request will be automatically fetched on the Traces site. If the return data is not available in the TDS software, manually input all the necessary details on the provided page.
Once the request is processed, the details of the request will be displayed in the software under the "Download Consolidated File" menu.

Download Consolidated File:

Access "Online Activity" → "Traces Activity" and choose the "View Status / Download Consolidate File" option from the menu bar.

Specify the Form Type, Assessment Year, and Quarter, and confirm by clicking OK.

Click on "Get All Latest Requests & Update Status" to check if the Conso file is available. The software will update the request status as per the department's response.

Click on "Yes".

If the Online Status shows "Available", proceed to download the Conso file by clicking on "Update Detail"
Upon clicking "Update Detail," the software will redirect to TRACES for Conso file download.

The download status will be updated, showing "Click here to download" Click this option to open the Conso file.

Note: The Consolidate file will be saved in the default location: C:\KDK Data\Zen TDS\TDSDownloads\Assessment year\CLIENT CODE\Quarter\REQUEST NUMBER

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