Income Tax > Computation Print > Software Hangs

Income Tax > Computation Print > Software Hangs


Step 1.     

Run Software with Dummy database and then check the same.

Solution 1 - Re-install Software
If same issue occur that means the problem is related to software, not in database(Issue related to some DLL files or installation issue) so regarding this please reinstall Software in this case and also check to execute the MDAC files in this and if not than login with administrator account and reinstall the complete software in this user account.

After that check the same, it has resolved the error.

Solution 2 - Change the Database 

In case software with dummy database is running properly, it means this is the issue related to the Original database.

So regarding this issue please repair the database or checked the database file one by one.

In case the same issue occurs then restore last backup or recovery files in this case.

This will help.

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