CMA || Option Disabled

CMA || Option Disabled

To efficiently enable options in the CMA application, adhere to the following steps:


Project Creation or Selection:
  1. Navigate to the "Master" section and click on "Select Project".
  1. If the project doesn't exist, click "Create" to initiate a new project.
  1. Enter Proper Details and Click on Yes.
  1. If the project is already established, directly select it from the list.

Additional Information Entry:      Within "Transactions  Additional Information":

  1. Enter item/goods specifics (particulars and unit of measurement) and save.
  2. Choose available financial statements.
  3. Input projection details.
  4. Define required figures in.
  5. Record the preparer's details.
  6. Save all entered information.

Upon completion, previously disabled options will automatically become enabled.
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