File ITR-3 in the software for AY 2020-2021 Using Different Cases/Scenarios

File ITR-3 in the software for AY 2020-2021 Using Different Cases/Scenarios

There are three major scenarios while filing ITR-3 in the software :

1st Case:
If the user has only one business, then he is required to provide the details of his profit and loss ration under the respective business head (Ordinary, Speculation or Specified).
Once the details are provided for the same, the P&L and BS has to be accordingly provided under Transaction >> General information BS /P&L.
2nd Case:
If the user has 2 or more business details, he is required to provide the business details separately using the Add button under Business and Profession Income under respective business heads (Ordinary, Speculation or Specified). But the P&L details and Balance sheet details are to be provided as Consolidated.
I.e summation of all the business profit and loss and balance sheet maintained.
3rd Case:
If the user is having 2 business, one is ordinary and the other one is presumptive then the details for P&L and BS remain the same as in 1st case. But for the other business which is presumptive there is no need to provide the details for P&L instead the user has to add the same business under Ordinary with the profit or loss ratio and has to disallow the same profit or loss ratio under Expenses.
Also Message shown in software also.

Also the Process in given in application:

This will helps.

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