Backup Restore

Backup Restore - Through software

If client has taken the data backup through software then regarding data restore please follow the steps below:


For Data Restore in Spectrum (Excluding TDS):
  1. Open Spectrum Software and navigate to Utility → Database Utility → Backup & Restore (excluding TDS).
  1. Click on "Complete Restore"
  1. Select the backup file you wish to restore.
  1. Acknowledge the warning message about overwriting existing data by clicking "Yes".
  1. Once the restore is complete, a confirmation message will appear: "Restore done successfully!"

Restart the application and verify the restored data (excluding TDS Software).

For Data Restore in TDS Software:
  1. Open TDS Software and go to Tools → Database Utility.
  1. Choose "Complete Restore"
  1. Browse and select the backup file you want to restore.
  1. Click "Proceed" to initiate the restore process.
  2. After the restoration is finished, a message will display: "Restore Done Successfully"
Restart the software and verify the restored TDS Data.

For Data Restore in Income Tax Software (Standalone versions):
  1. Open Income Tax Software and access Tools → Database Utility.
  1. Select "Complete Restore".
  1. Browse to locate the backup file you intend to restore.
  1. Confirm the overwrite warning by clicking "Yes".
  1. Once the restore operation completes, you'll see a confirmation message: "Restore Done Successfully".
  2. Restart the software and verify the restored Income Tax Data.

Ensure to follow these steps meticulously to guarantee a successful data restoration process.

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