Auto update from Mail Box

Auto update from Mail Box

Auto update from Mail Box is a unique feature to read mails from the Mail Server.

Common issues guideline -

“Server did not accept user credentials”: this error occurs in case of-
  1. Email Id or Password is incorrect.
  2. POP is disabled in Mail Account.
  3. Did not registered machine with mail server yet.
How to enable POP service in your Email account.

  1. Gmail:
    1. Sign In Gmail Account.
    2. Go to Setting->Forwarding and POP/IMAP
    3. Select “Enable POP” for all mail Option from POP Download section.
    4. Select “Enable IMAP” from IMAP Access section.
    5. Click on Save Changes.

Note : Option for - 
Signing in with 2-Step Verification was turned Off,
Less secure app access was turned On.

  1. Yahoo:
    1. Sign In Yahoo Mail Account.
    2. Go to Setting->Accounts
    3. Click on Edit Button showing right top corner of Yahoo Account section.
    4. Select “POP option from Access your Yahoo Mail elsewhere section”.
    5. Click on Save Button.
  1. Hotmail:
    1. Sign In Hotmail Account.
    2. Go to Setting-Option.
    3. Select “Connect devices and apps with POP”.
    4. Enable POP.
    5. Click on Save Button.
  1. Rediffmail:
    1. By Default it is enabled.
    2. Rediffmail Server provides only 15-days mail through POP.

Recommended Mail Server is Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo.

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