26AS import Process Online

26AS import Process (Online)

 This feature allows the user to import Advance Tax, TDS / TCS detail and 15G/H details directly from the Income Tax Website. 

Process to Import 26AS directly to IT Software.

Step 1 : To import the 26AS Tax Details. Open the Income Tax software, go to Transactions Tax Details option given in menu bar.

Step 2: Click on the option 26AS Online option given in left panel of the screen.

Step 3: Enter the Captcha code number given in Image box and click on submit.

Step 4: The software would re-direct you to the below window, Click on Confirm option

Step 5: Now Click on Import Part A, A2 and PART B, Message to open the "Tax Details" Option is confirmed. Once Clicked on "Yes", the data will be imported.

Step 6: Message to remove the previous data available is confirmed as  "Do you want to remove previous year data".

Click on YES if you want to remove previous data otherwise click on NO.

Finally: Now, check the TDS  and other tax details. You will get the details in software.

This completes the import process of 26AS Details in Zen IT software
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