cant open file .myi error: 145

Cannot open file .myi (error: 145)

If there is any sort of malfunctioning in executing the software and due to any reason if the software gets automatically closed /shutdown, the user would encounter the error 145

Please follow the below troubleshoot (on the server system of software):
  1. Go to C:\mysql  and Copy data folder and paste it to any safe location.
  2. Then go to the location where the software is installed (Right-click on the Software Icon  Properties  Target Path
  3. Default Location:
            C:\Program Files (x86) \K.D.K. Software\KDK Support
            C:\Program Files\K.D.K. Software\KDK Support
  1. Open Data Viewer → Click on Connect Button → Go to Tools → Repair → Select Database
  1. In Case of Spectrum Software, it is needed to repair Spectrum and Spectrum_bs
  2. In Case of Taxsuit Software, it is needed to repair Taxsuit and Taxsuite_bs

  1. Click on Execute Button. Once the files are repaired, close the Data Viewer and then execute the software.
This will resolve the issue.